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"After 75 years of document-based static financial reporting, whether in paper documents or in electronic equivalents, it is exciting to see the SEC poised to cross the 'data threshold' and help investors receive financial information that is dynamic, usable and ready to go as they make their investment decisions. And when the investor wins, so does the public company, fund, or other filer who simultaneously benefits from greater transparency and trust in our markets. By tapping the power of interactive data to tear down barriers to quick and meaningful investment information, markets can become fairer and more efficient while investors can possess far better quality data than was ever possible before." - David Blaszkowsky, Director of the SEC's Office of Interactive Disclosure.

SEC Announces Mutual Fund Comparisons Using Interactive Data Now Available

As of April 7th, 2008, the prototype of the upcoming (final) Mutual Fund Reader website became available to the public. In addition to the Mutual Fund Reader functionality, the SEC’s Interactive Data Viewer page contains links to:

  • Interactive Financial Reports which can be used to view, chart and compare company financial information;
  • The Mutual Fund Reader in which fund investment objectives, strategies, risks, costs and performance can be compared;
  • The Financial Explorer allows users to present and visualize financial data in “innovative ways”;
  • The Executive Compensation drill down tool makes it easier to find and compare executive pay and benefits at 500 large companies.

“The Mutual Fund Reader is an important, time-saving step to help investors compare various mutual funds at the click of a mouse..”  “It will help ordinary investors use mutual fund information quickly to make the best decisions in investing for retirement, college education, health care, and other financial needs.”  – SEC Chairman Cox.

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  • The investor protection agency said interactive filings will start being available late this year through IDEA, which will eventually replace the EDGAR system after running in parallel for about three

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